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Enrollment is free.

Registration commences on the first week of September.

Places in all classes & various levels are subject to availability.

Your place will be confirmed once first payment is collected.


Minimum Commitment: 3 months.

Payment Method: Cash or Bank Transfer.

Due By: The 7th day of due month.

Late Fees: An extra amount of € 5 will apply should the payment be made after the due date.

What if you miss a class?

Classes’ fees are non-refundable. However, since sometimes personal matters might come up and you might not manage to attend your dance class, you could recover the missed class by attending a desired extra class within the same month.

What if you cannot attend your classes for a while?

If you could not attend due to medical reasons or unforeseen causes, the matter might be accepted once discussed with Mares and special arrangements might be made. Otherwise, a fee of € 15 would apply on a monthly basis in order to keep your place.