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Feel beautiful and powerful.

Let your body go with the rebellious sister of Belly Dance (Tribal Fusion) and join the Tribe.

What Students Say

Reine Kabban

I started learning from youtube, and was doing okay but the moment I started training with Mares, I improved so quickly. My body got more fit as well. The greatest thing is that she doesn't just teach technique, but she emits a feeling and passes it on to her students. It's really lovely to be a part of her class and in her presence

Beatrice J.

Mares is a wonderful teacher, full of energy and creativity. She has a comprehensive knowledge of dance technique and various dance styles, which she imparts with good humor and patience. She is an artistically ambitious choreographer who lends her passion and enthusiasm to her students inspiring them to pursue their full potential and to develop a deeper appreciation of the art. She fosters a friendly, ensemble spirit among her students, resulting in a strong and supportive troupe. Classes are held in a large and modern studio. Dancing with Mares is always fun, dynamic, and full of good laughs

Jenny Ramstedt

Mares is a not only an amazing dancer, but a great teacher: kind, patient, attentive and inspiring. She makes fantastic choreographies that fits the personality and level of the dancers, which is something really unique. This makes even the clumsiest beginner like me feel lika a true dancer and a part of the group. The music for every class is varied and wonderful. I leave every class feeling fantastic. You should definently take the chance to do this for yourself

Rachel Byers

From the very beginning I started dancing I loved the way I discovered my body had the ability to move in certain ways and the more you dance the more you learn how much more your body can do and how amazing and fun it is. All this is thanks to Mares, she is definitely the person you need for this amazing journey

Doris Zammit

I have been attending Mares' classes since last November. I had no background in dancing but wanted to try something new and fun! At first I felt like a robot; quite stiff, clumsy and insecure... However Mares' warm encouraging smile, unlimited patience and positive energy made me feel at ease and believe that after all, practice makes "perfect"! With time I started to believe in myself and gain more confidence. I started to look forward to Mondays since I always feel energised and hyped up after each and every session! Thank you Mares for making it happen!

Valeriya Bonkova

From the moment I signed up for these dance classes, I knew that I would stand out from the crowd, but it turned out to be the most amazing experience yet. Perhaps the most valuable thing I've taken from Mares these past 2 years, apart from the outstanding dance skills, is appreciation. Nowadays I see beauty in myself through ways in which I never had before starting dance classes with her. I used to be extremely self conscious, which has improved drastically thanks to her and the rest of the girls, who create an environment which feel indescribable. Every single week, I feel a little more aware and in control of my body, and walk out charged with positive energy which is then channeled into my daily life. Looking back, I can't thank Mares and the rest of the girls for making me the confident girl I am today, and therefore think that anyone should take this opportunity for growth on both a dance level and personal level

Whitney Grech

I have been a student of Mares for the past two years, and she has helped me so much in advancing my dancing skills and learning how to express myself in dance. Her classes are always interesting, practical and fun, you are guaranteed to get value out of Mares’ class, whether you are a beginner or more experienced

Christianne Briffa

What struck me about Mares's class is how much everyone feels at ease during the lesson. Not only do we learn more about our body and how to control it,, but it is also a space where everyone can feel included and at ease, no matter the age or size. It is different from a regular fitness class because you are actually creating something while getting to know your body better. One lesson builds up on the other rather than it being a repetitive drill. In that way you feel not only that you have better control over your body but also that you have managed to achieve something

Georgianne Mifsud

The list of positive things I can say about Mares is endless! In a nutshell, she is very professional in her work, truly talented and an inspiration to us all! Mares has helped me build up my confidence and to believe in myself. She is encouraging, patient and kind and always gives individual attention to her students during the classes. She also has a beautiful smile which instantly takes away any insecurities anyone can have smile emoticon I feel very lucky to have her as my teacher because she has changed my life for the better. Thank you, Mares

Price List

Single Class

€ 15

4 Classes / Month

€ 30

minimum commitment of 3 months

8 Classes / Month

€ 45

minimum commitment of 3 months

12 Classes / Month

€ 55

minimum commitment of 3 months

16 Classes / Month

€ 60

minimum commitment of 3 months

6 Months Classes

€ 300