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Zion Dance Company

Zion Tribal Fusion Dance Company” is a group of friends and dance lovers, founded by Mares and integrated at this moment by herself, Sandra Guirao, Érika Novoa, Melina Elizabeth and Helena Miau.

We started dancing together to satisfy a common hobby, however, step by step, we were taking our group more seriously and began to participate in shows with some performances choreographed by Mares.

A year later, we were dancing in our own show, “Mad Hatter”,  directed and choreographed by Mares, a show inspired by the fantasy of “Alice in Wonderland”, composed of various Tribal Fusion performances and musical theater interventions in collaboration with the company “Teatre Vuit” and some of their actresses and with the compositor and singer Fetixe 13.

At the end of 2012, we took a break for personal projects and got back together in 2014, starting a project of Tribal Fusion and ATS, classes and an annual student exchange program between Malta (Mares is teaching regular classes in Malta and frequently travels to Spain to impart Tribal Fusion workshops) and Tarragona dancers (Helena Miau leads a group of ATS and travels eventually to Malta to impart ATS workshops. Sandra, Érika and Melina teach Tribal Fusion classes in Tarragona).  Mares called this project “Zingari’s Project”. Currently, this is the second year that we gladly manage to bring it about.


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