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Helena Miau

ATS Dancer, Teacher & Choreographer

Helena was born in Tarragona (Catalonia, Spain) to a culturally mixed family. Since she was a child, she has developed a special interest in cultural and ideological diversity.

At the age of 18, Helena achieved a sports certification in Fitness and Aerobic activities (Aerodance, Aerofunky, Aerosalsa, etc). It was not until she finished her Psychology degree that she discovered ATS (American Tribal Style). The multicultural & matriarchal origins of this dance style, its harmony within the environment and the fact that it is free of prejudices have all fitted perfectly with Helena’s way of understanding life. Subsequently, her passion for dance did the rest.

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Helena studied Belly dance and ATS in Tarragona with the belly dancer Aisha for some years. Then, she started teaching ATS, creating choreographies for several dance shows and dancing with different ATS tribes in some major dance events in Catalonia.

During the recent years, Helena has attended classes/workshops of various professional ATS dancers; like Philippa Moiriai (Fat Chance Belly Dance member) and Jill Parker. Moreover, she has attended other classes/workshops of several professional Tribal Fusion dancers; like Morgana Guibelalde, Illan Rivière, Núria Gallego, Mardi Love and Mares.

In the meantime, Helena continued her training and development with the aid of the official teaching materials diffused by the main ATS referent, Carolena Nericcio-Bohlman. In addition, she used her knowledge of Yoga as a physical and mental complement.

Furthermore, being a Psychologist, Helena’s vast experience in some specific areas of Psychology is clearly expressed by the methodology used in her classes and workshops. The therapeutic control of emotions and search of harmony through dancing are valued as her primal objectives.

Helena is directing classes and workshops mainly in Tarragona, but she eventually travels to Malta in order to impart ATS workshops with the intention to continue diffusing her vision of this dance.

Currently, Helena teaches, dances and leads her own ATS tribe “Miau Tribe” in Tarragona. She is also a member of “Zion, Tribal Fusion Dance Co.”, created by Mares, with whom Helena is collaborating in “Zingari’s Project”, an intercultural tribal annual exchange program between students from Malta and Tarragona, during which remarkable dance shows are carried out and unforgettable tribal experiences are achieved.

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